Although driveways are among the most highly-trafficked areas in most homes, many remain unattended to until bumps and large cracks become visible. However, your driveway could remain in good condition for much longer if only you gave it the attention and maintenance that it needs, such as sealcoating. Proper maintenance will significantly extend your driveway lifespan regardless of the material used.

The Average Driveway Lifespan

A driveway lifespan is determined by the material used, installation, and maintenance. Asphalt and concrete are the most commonly used materials on driveways. Whereas a properly-installed asphalt driveway can last up to two decades, a concrete one can remain in good shape for up to 30 years.

A newly constructed driveway will not maintain its glamour forever. Apart from the seasonal wear-and-tear, some other factors will make your driveway lose its impressive look. Water can seep through a driveway and erode it causing potholes and cracks. Although rock salt will make your road passable during winter by thawing the ice and snow on the surface, it is also dangerous on your concrete or asphalt driveway. The ice that thaws from the salt may freeze and corrode the surface from inside out after seeping into your driveway. Fuel, oil, and debris such as leaves will also take a heavy toll on your driveway.

Why You Need Asphalt Sealcoating on Your Driveway

Sealcoating is the process of adding a durable coating on top of a driveway to minimize its direct contact with the weather, oil, among other fluids that may affect it adversely. Seal-coating repels water which is a known detrimental agent for both concrete and asphalt surfaces. A professional seal will also make your driveway impermeable to other harmful agents such as sunlight and oxygen.

Apart from improving the first impression and increasing the resale value of your property, asphalt sealcoating makes it easy to clean oil spills and grease from your driveway. When timely done, it can also stop small cracks from enlarging. Adding a new layer on your asphalt driveway every 2-3 years could be the most cost-effective way of improving the performance of your driveway.

Asphalt sealcoating will reduce the contact between your driveway and harmful agents as aforementioned. This significantly reduces the appearance of potholes, raised surfaces, and bumps on your driveway. By keeping asphalt and concrete driveway away from these detrimental agents, sealcoating will significantly increase its lifespan and reduce repair costs in the long run.

We’ve been assisting our customers to maintain their driveways for over 35 years with sealcoating and other parking lot services. We are always ready and willing to help our clients in the best way we can. We can assist you with a plan that matches your needs and budget. You can rely on us for sealcoating, paver replacement, crack repair, or whatever that is needed to improve your driveway.

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