There are a lot of great things that happen in the spring. The trees begin to bloom, the flowers start to bud, the sun is finally out and shining bright, and the warmer weather is moving in. Springtime also means that our local roads and highways are in terrible shape as a result of the harsh winter. Most of the paved surfaces we drive on are full of potholes that mimic craters on the moon. Unfortunately, they seem to grow at a rapid rate each day, and we are forced to drive directly through them in most cases.

The Pothole Epidemic

As the potholes become larger and larger they cause even more harm to your vehicle and your well being. They can literally take a big chunk out of your wallet since drivers are technically responsible for the damage that they cause. In fact, pothole damage costs U.S. drivers over $3 billion each year according to a recent study conducted by the AAA Auto Club. If you drive through a nasty pothole or a series of potholes then you know exactly how annoying and dangerous they can be.

The matter becomes even worse if you encounter the same nasty pothole or series of potholes during your daily commute. Some of the more common damage results in flat or damaged tires, bent or damaged rims, damage to your suspension, damage to your steering, and even damage to the body of your vehicle. Potholes are famous for knocking cars, trucks, and SUV’s out of alignment. This negatively affects the manner in which your tires wear, and can absolutely lead to replacing them earlier than expected.

Avoid Hitting Potholes By Going On Pothole Patrol

It can take the state or local department of public works a long time to repair potholes. For every crater they fill, it seems as if three or four more pop up.

That is exactly why you need to be on pothole patrol. It is a matter of literally keeping your eyes on the road. Look ahead and mentally note where the potholes are located. In a best-case scenario, this will help you avoid driving through them. That being stated, potholes tend to grow larger rather quickly. You need to pay careful attention whenever you are driving. It is crucial to your safety, your passengers’ safety, and the safety of your vehicle.

Prevent The Same Damage From Happening To Your Driveway

You have absolutely zero control over the damage to our roads. All you can do is try your best to avoid the potholes while driving. However, you do have full control over your driveway. Your driveway is just like a road on a much smaller scale. It is constructed with asphalt, the same material used to build the roads. It is important to hire an experienced professional to make necessary repairs after the long winter months. Large, small, and even miniscule cracks need to be filled in with the proper material in order to fix the damage and prevent further damage from occurring.

Sealcoating, particularly a commercial grade application, is another incredibly important aspect of proper driveway maintenance. The sealcoating material builds a protective layer on top of the asphalt. This protective layer is necessary to prevent water damage. It should be noted that only a company that has years of experience in sealcoating should perform the job in order to ensure that the work is done properly.

In conclusion, potholes create a great deal of problems for drivers in New England. They cause damage to vehicles, injuries to drivers and passengers, and even initiate automobile accidents that would have otherwise been avoided. You must properly maintain your driveway in order to avoid the same type of damage that occurs to our roads. It is well worth the effort. Contact us today to get your driveway properly sealcoated and protected from the elements.