Most property owners, that have an asphalt driveway and or parking lot, are familiar with the term sealcoating. In essence, sealcoating is a product that is applied to asphalt surfaces in order to prevent cracks and other types of damages from occurring. That being stated, there happens to be a great deal of myths floating around out there about sealcoating. It is important for property owners to separate the facts from the fiction in order to fully understand what sealcoating does, and how it will benefit you. Please note that sealcoating should only be applied by a professional that has the training, knowledge, and expertise to properly install the product. Without further ado, here are a few sealcoating myths exposed.

Myth #1- Sealcoating Fixes Cracks In Asphalt Driveways And Parking Lots

One of the biggest myths surrounding sealcoating is that when the material is applied it protects and fixes existing cracks in your driveway and or parking lot. This is not the truth. Sealcoating actually fills in the pores with the asphalt surface in order to prevent water from seeping in. The bottom line is that sealcoating prevents cracks from occurring. That being stated, if cracks are already present, the sealcoating material will not fill in the cracks. In addition, sealcoating will not protect existing cracks from cracking further. Any existing cracks will need to be filled in prior to the sealcoat application. They are two separate things. If the cracks are not filled prior to the sealcoating process, they will continue to expand.

Myth #2-Sealcoating Does Not Help Older Asphalt Surfaces

The next myth floating around out there is that sealcoating does not help older asphalt surfaces. This could not be further from the truth. Water happens to seep through all asphalt driveways and parking lots, both new and old. This is due to the fact that asphalt is an extremely porous material. When water penetrates the asphalt it causes cracks and eventually crumbles. Older driveways and parking lots are even more susceptible to this happening. That is why it is extremely important for property owners to have a professional repair and then sealcoat older driveways and parking lots. In fact, sealcoating is just as important at this stage as it is when the asphalt is new. Here is a good test. If your asphalt driveway or parking lot can absorb drops of water what you pour or spray onto the surface, it is time to have it resealed.

Myth #3- Sealcoating Is Only Applied For Aesthetic Purposes

The next myth, that some people believe, is that the only benefit of sealcoating is that it makes your driveway or parking lot look nice. While that shiny new black Sealcoated surface certainly does gleam, there is another important benefit to take note of. Sealcoating protects and prevents the damage caused by oxidation, and water penetration. In essence, the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays dry out asphalt surfaces. When asphalt is too dry, it tends to crack. When cracks appear, water has an even greater chance of penetrating the material. This phenomenon causes larger cracks and eventually your driveway or parking lot will crumble. The good news is that when sealcoating is applied by professionals on a regular basis, it thwarts the oxidation process.

Myth #4-Sealcoating Installation Does Not Require A Professional

The last major myth about sealcoating is that you do not need to hire a professional to install it. While it is true that some people hire a handyman, a neighborhood kid or do the work themselves, it is simply not a good idea. You may or may not save money initially, but it will definitely cost you in the long run. Sealcoating a driveway or parking lot correctly takes a lot of skill, the proper equipment, and special sealcoating materials that are not available to the general public. The bottom line is if you have a toothache, you go see a dentist. If you are planning to sealcoat your driveway or parking lot, you should hire an expert to do the work.

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